Zyte data quality assurance process

Zyte's battle-tested QA process

Learn how to prevent getting messy or inaccurate data from the web

If you have a web scraping project you understand that data is key. But unfortunately, the data you get from the web is often messy or inaccurate. This makes it hard or impossible to work with it later. Bad data quality can hurt or even break your web data project. That’s why we, at Zyte , developed our battled-tested QA process to make sure the data we deliver is of the highest quality while guaranteeing coverage.

In this short webinar Oleksandr Leshchynskyi, our QA Team Lead, walks you through our proven data quality assurance process, from a technical perspective.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Why data quality assurance is crucial

  • Basic definitions used in web data QA

  • Tech stack behind Zyte’s QA process

  • How our internal manual & automated testing tool works

  • Detailed description of Zyte QA methodology

Getting accurate data quality from the web consistently is the key to success. If you want to learn more about web data quality assurance, watch our webinar now!