Memex: Revolutionizing search and fighting the good fight

A glimpse at what's inside:

    • What is Memex?

    • Our journey through the project.

    • Zyte's contribution.

    • How web scraping helps against human trafficking.

    • Project requirements and functioning.

    • And much more...

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    In this case study we show you how Zyte's technical expertise enabled DARPA’s breakthrough Memex technology, revolutionizing both internet search technology and the fight against human trafficking.

    Initiated by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Military, Memex was designed to overcome the challenge of unstructured web data and dive into the previously hidden domains; to make the invisible visible, and most importantly, to make it useful. Memex, while extremely useful in research (both academic and commercial,) is critical for several Defense Department missions, specifically, the fight against human trafficking. We’re proud to have contributed to the R&D and continuous maintenance of this project and believe it’s a powerful example of web scraping as a force for good.