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Mining web data to uncover job listings & wage trends

Learn how Zyte helped one of the world’s leading e-commerce retailers extract the data they need to make better hiring decisions.

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The human resources (HR) industry is experiencing huge change thanks to the increasing use of web data in decision making.

In this case study, we will show you how Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub) helped one of the leading e-commerce giants gather the job and wage data they needed to discover hiring trends in key strategic fulfillment (FBA) locations and understand regional salary requirements, so they can better optimize their hiring of blue-collar seasonal workers.

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A glimpse at what's inside:

The increasing usage of web data in recruitment.
The customers objective.
The scope of the data extraction project.
How we extracted the web data they need.
How it helped the company
And much more...

Accelerate your e-commerce data extraction project

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What's inside:

  • How web data extraction can help your e-commerce business
  • Everything you need to know about price intelligence data
  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Winter sales - How to make the most of the shopping season
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