A guide to web scraping at scale

A glimpse at what's inside:

  • Building a scalable web scraping architecture.

  • Designing scalable spiders and optimizing crawl efficiency.

  • Automating data quality assurance.

  • Configuring your infrastructure for high performance.

  • Building a scalable proxy infrastructure.

  • Best practice tips.


Building a scalable web scraping infrastructure can be a huge challenge for any web scraping team. In this whitepaper, we will guide you through the 5 foundations you'll need to build an enterprise-scale web scraping infrastructure.

Access the web data you need

API for web scraping

Zyte API reliably scrapes any website anywhere, as often as you want. Only pay for the proxies and tools you need, when you need them.

Data extraction service

Drive business insights without worrying about the complexities of data extraction, legal compliance or quality assurance.