Get actionable insights for efficient and successful web scraping projects

The Web Scraping Maturity Model was created by data engineers to help global teams reach web scraping maturity faster.

A glimpse at what's inside:

  • What is the Web Scraping Maturity Model

  • How it was built and who contributed

  • The 4 dimensions: Planning & Design, Compliance, Building Quality, and Scaling & Maintaining

  • What value the top players are getting from their mature web scraping structure

  • The average market results

  • How to get your own results

Levelling up the web scraping field

With over 13 years of experience helping customers worldwide extract web data at scale with pioneering technology and services, we’ve discovered some patterns that consistently yield effective web scraping projects.

We’ve found a relationship between a team’s level of maturity in each of the four dimensions of web scraping, and the results those teams are getting in terms of return on investment, data accuracy, and consistency.

More about the Web Scraping Maturity Model

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