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Smart proxy and ban handling solutions

Focus on getting data, not managing proxies.

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Reduce barriers between you and your web data

Websites are getting smarter. Scraping the data you need keeps getting tougher.

At Zyte we’ve got you covered. From smart rotating proxies to cutting edge ban handling solutions. We’ll lower the barriers to achieving your web data extraction goals.

All the help you need

We’ve got the answers to all your web data extraction challenges. Whether you need help with rotating proxies, getting banned, handling headers or getting data at scale.

Meet the smartest rotating proxy network. With in-built browser profiles to ensure geofencing, TLS fingerprinting and other passive client fingerprinting measures don’t slow your crawl down.

Read more about Smart Proxy Manager

Utilize a proxy network comprising real-world IPs acquired from Internet Service Providers. These provide stable geolocation and performance for efficient, dependable data collection.

Read more about Zyte API

Automate website access patterns like infinite scrolling, page navigation and form submission that are hard to emulate with HTTP requests. When sites require browser and Javascript rendering Zyte API has a headless browser married to the worlds most powerful anti-ban API..

Read more about Zyte API

Our sophisticated anti-blocking mechanisms cut the hassle of dealing with third-party trackers, fingerprinting techniques etc.

Read more about Zyte API

Our solutions scale seamlessly with your growing needs. Collect millions of data points without the hassle of managing underlying infrastructure.

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Not sure why you're getting blocked?

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Proxy management and ban handling solutions

Don’t waste time managing proxies or staying on top of latest antiban techniques.

Smart Proxy Manager

Your ideal starting point for proxy management. Unblock crawls with datacenter and residential proxies.
Zyte API

Handle antibots at every layer. A single API with browser and javascript rendering functionality.

For mission-critical projects when failure isn’t an option. Custom solutions with priority support.


Starts at $29From $2 / 10K RequestsStarts at $999

Monthly Requests

Starter plan incl. 50K
Basic plan incl. 200K
Advanced plan incl. 2.5M
(cap applied to pre-approved limit)
Custom amount of requests
24/7 support
In-chat support
HSTS Blocking
(headers, TLS, IP etc)
Automatic Retries
Residential failoverManual
Add residential proxies
Browser Fingerprinting
Page Actions API
(click, type, hover etc)
We handle CAPTCHAs
Custom solution availableCustomized set up, e.g.:
Unlimited requests & concurrency
24/7 priority support
Dedicated Account Manager
SLA for peace of mind
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Handle big extraction challenges with Enterprise plans

Working with the world

Trusted by data driven organizations

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Why Zyte

Our antiban solutions are built to handle all your use cases.

Highest success rates

Zyte’s smart proxy and ban handling solutions are built in a way to ensure we achieve the highest and most consistent success rates in the market.


success rate

Super scalable

All our solutions scale effortlessly, right up to billions of requests per month. Upgrading is easy at any time, meeting your needs. Our experts are here to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of our solutions. Always.

+11 billion

successful requests monthly

Flexible pricing

We offer pricing to suit any data extraction project. Transparent pricing for start-ups, scale-ups and enterprises. With no charges for underused IPs or engineer hours to monitor and rotate your proxies.

From $29

per month
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