Iain Lennon
3 Mins
May 22, 2023

Introducing Zyte API Enterprise – Technology + Expertise to supercharge your in-house data extraction team

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Iain Lennon
Chief Product Officer

Today we’re excited to announce to the Zyte and Web Scraping communities our new offering: Zyte API Enterprise.

Zyte API Enterprise combines the power and automation of Zyte API with the industry-leading expertise of Zyte’s compliance and development teams. The Technology and Expertise one-two punch will equip you with the tech you need to scale your in-house scraping, and help you achieve peace of mind as you navigate increasingly opaque scraping laws.

The shift in how companies extract data

The demand for web data has exploded over the past 36 months. Enterprises that require complex webflows for all sorts of data have recognized the need for continuity, scalability and compliance as they navigate whether to outsource data collection or build the muscle in house.

This market evolution has forced businesses that run on data to seek organizational data maturity, and, perhaps more importantly, define what data maturity is. And on the latter point, no two companies have the same answer.

We created Zyte API Enterprise for companies that do web scraping in house. More often than not, an in-house scraping motion can be daunting in an ever-changing scraping landscape. Furthermore, collecting web data is complex, challenging and shrouded in mystery. Building a functional system is difficult enough, nevermind building one that’s cost-effective and has staying power.

Challenges and risks abound

As we’ve witnessed this market evolution, we asked ourselves the following:

What are today’s most common pain points for web data teams?

The answer was two-fold and pretty clear:

  1. Every scraping script you write is pointed at a moving target— it will break or get blocked at some point. 
  2. Maintenance is a bottleneck that makes it hard to be nimble and scale
  3. Scraping laws are complex and continually evolving, making them next to impossible to navigate, which can pose a critical risk to companies that run on data.

These three issues are attached to dozens of sub-issues that impact resource allotment, cost, compliance, scalability, and simply staying organized.

Enter Zyte API Enterprise

Our global leadership in web data extraction – for almost as long as web scraping has existed – has revealed the solution to the two-fold pain points above, and, as you’ve probably gleaned so far, the answer is:

  1. The right technology.
  2. The right expertise. 

With Zyte API Enterprise, you can effectively break the painful cycle of build, break, fix, ban, and unblock, while maintaining global compliance as you scrape even the most complex websites. It’s the one-two punch that will supercharge your data scraping team.

What is Zyte API Enterprise? The Catalyst for Success with Web Data

Zyte API

A single API to solve the 'build, break, fix, ban' problem. Automate the fixing of scrapers and free up your developers’ time.

  • One powerful API to access all websites
  • Reach, reliability and simplicity built in
  • Per-site pricing that just makes sense

Don’t take our word for it…

“I’m really impressed by the Zyte API, when I first heard about it at the 2022 Extract Summit I was just curious about it but I thought it would have been difficult for it to tackle all the anti-bot around. But for the moment, the mission is accomplished! … the real score is 100/100.”

Pierluigi Vinciguerra

Cofounder of, Author of The Web Scraping Club, and web scraper with 10+ years of experience.

Zyte Expertise

Developer consulting and compliance guidelines to address top challenges
On demand packages by a team of Zyte web scraping experts. 12+ years of experience delivering 13bn pages a month.

  • Building your web scraping tech stack
  • Optimizing your web scraping
  • Scaling your web scraping operations
  • Best in class approach to data quality

Want to supercharge your web scraping team? Talk to us about Zyte API Enterprise and how Zyte API and our team of experts can give you the one-two punch for scraping success.

Here are a couple resources to get you started:

  • Upcoming webinar - June 8th, 2023 - “How to navigate compliance, bans and maintenance to supercharge your web data extraction team” - Register Now
  • Zyte API Enterprise overview - Learn More