Pablo Hoffman
2 Mins
February 18, 2020

Introducing Zyte Smart Proxy Manager — free trials & new plans

One of the biggest pain points we’ve heard from our Zyte Smart Proxy Manager customers last year is the inconvenience of having to jump from one Zyte Smart Proxy Manager plan to another when more requests are needed in a month. For this reason, we have been working on rethinking our Zyte Smart Proxy Manager plans to better accommodate these cases and be more flexible with customers that have variable crawling requirements from month to month.

Better plans suited for your web scraping needs

Today, we are introducing a new group of Zyte Smart Proxy Manager plans that allow you to go over your monthly quota without the hassle of upgrading and downgrading plans. You stay on a single plan and pay for overages, only when you incur them. You will also be able to limit the amount of overages you can incur, to protect against unexpected expenses.

We are also simplifying the number of plans to just three:

  • Basic, our starter plan, for companies and scraping professionals who need to scale reliably at low scale
  • Advanced, for companies with stronger scraping requirements and medium scale
  • Enterprise, for companies that rely on mission-critical, high scale web scraping needs and require personalized assistance

These new plans replace the old “C plans” (C10, C50, C100, C200) which are no longer available to new customers. If you are already subscribed to an old plan, nothing changes for you at this time. We will notify you if there is a change that will impact your plan.

Free trial

In addition to overages, we are also introducing free trials for Basic & Advanced plans, another popular request we’ve heard in our customer feedback. We believe customers have the right to experience the great performance and reliability of our Zyte Smart Proxy Manager network before committing to a paid plan, and this enables that.

smart proxy manager
automatic extraction

Finally, users on the new plans come with a stronger configuration to achieve better performance and success rates for the most difficult websites.

Stay tuned for more updates

Over the coming months, we will be adding more features based on the needs of customers and their feedback. If you want to get notified of any updates coming to Zyte Smart Proxy Manager, go to the What’s New section in our forum and click the “Follow” button. If you have any feedback or questions about the new plans, please post a comment in the release announcement post.