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Manage bans and get your data with Zyte Data API Smart Browser

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September 7, 2021

Websites are getting smarter. Our brand new Zyte Data API Smart Browser makes it easier for developers to manage today’s antiban technologies and retrieve the web data they want.

Getting hold of web data is becoming more costly as site owners deploy new measures to thwart your legitimate extraction efforts.

It’s often popular sites like e-commerce platforms that make the heaviest investment in antibot technologies. This means the data your business needs to receive reliably and at scale can be the toughest to get hold of.

Many sites are employing advanced antibot measures to protect against malicious bots or aggressive traffic. Unfortunately, legitimate web scrapers can also get blocked by these measures. Site owners have moved beyond simple header and TCP/IP fingerprinting, IP blocking and geofencing, to more zealous techniques. These include detailed browser fingerprinting checks such as webRTC and canvas fingerprinting. The most sophisticated sites even use human observation techniques – like analysis of mouse movements and detailed event logging – to differentiate automated crawlers from the behavior patterns of real-life visitors.

Until recently, rotating proxy solutions were capable of handling the most common banning and blocking strategies. But today they’re increasingly ineffective against antibots targeting a browser. At Zyte we always love a challenge, and today we’re delighted to unveil our latest innovation to help web data extraction customers. Our brand new Zyte Data API Smart Browser has powerful antibot and CAPTCHA solution capabilities that can handle today’s tough extraction challenges at scale without breaking into a sweat.

We’ve integrated smart browser functionality and browser rendering into a single API. Unlike other solutions this allows us to effectively manage antibots that target the browser layer.

We’ve also addressed some other major pain points for time-stretched developers. There’s no more management of different proxy types or manual ban handling needed. No requirement for complex middleware. No more setting up a headless browser infrastructure. And no more reverse engineering of complex Javascript. 

Want to take our smart new Zyte Data API Smart Browser for a test drive? Take our 14-day free trial and find out how Zyte can help you manage bans, save time, and boost success rates on your next web data extraction project.

Written by Akshay Philar
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