Marie Moynihan
2 Mins
February 1, 2021

Irish data extraction innovator unveils new name – and new AI-powered Automatic Extraction service

February 2nd, 2021, Scrapinghub, a global leader in web data extraction technology and services, today becomes Zyte. Crawling over 13 billion web pages every month, Zyte continues Scrapinghub’s original mission to give organizations faster, easier access to accurate web data that drives better business decisions.

“Extraction needs are changing” says Zyte Founder and CEO Shane Evans. “Organizations have never been more reliant on data as the differentiator that fuels innovation and business growth. As the web gets bigger and more complex, it’s a challenge for developers to keep pace with changed pages that break spiders, or legitimate extraction efforts that get banned, blocked or blacklisted by overzealous bots.

After ten successful years as Scrapinghub we’ve renamed ourselves to Zyte to reflect the exciting opportunities of an evolving digital landscape... and our own commitment to support customers in an increasingly complex data-driven world.”

Automatic Extraction powered by AI

The latest addition to the Zyte portfolio of managed data extraction services, patented Automatic Extraction powered by AI makes life simpler for developers who want clean, usable web data – quickly, efficiently and with less coding.

Accessible via an easy-to-use API or self-serve web interface, Automatic Extraction short-circuits much of the manual coding associated with custom web scraping projects, reducing typical project timeframes from weeks to hours or minutes. 

Based on Zyte’s patented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Automatic Extraction lightens the load for developers who don’t have to spend so much time laboriously maintaining spiders. Extraction success rates are boosted further by sophisticated anti-ban heuristics that manage rotating proxies without the need for users’ intervention.

Developers can explore the speed and simplicity of Automatic Extraction with a 14-day free trial of the API and web-based interface. 

“The extraction quality is superb” comments Rob Carr, Product Manager at online media relations and PR specialist MediaHQ. “You quickly start seeing results: Automatic Extraction takes out a lot of the grunt work from setting up a scraping tool.”

Making life easy for everyone who needs web data

“We’ve got a new name and a bold new look” states Shane.  “But at Zyte our mission’s still the same as it’s always been. In a world that’s more reliant on finding meaningful signals buried in the noise, our brand-new Automatic Extraction service powered by AI makes life easier for organizations that depend on quick access to reliable web data at any scale.”

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