Shane Evans
2 Mins
February 2, 2021

Hi, we’re Zyte!

We founded Zyte 10 years ago to provide customers with a simple way to access web data. We’re taking this to the next level today with the release of Zyte Automatic Extraction and rebranding to reflect our evolution. 


Over the last decade, we have seen web data grow in importance to the point where it is now essential to all data-driven businesses.  Advancements in data analytics and AI continue to drive demand for reliable high-quality web data.

Innovation has been at the heart of how we have addressed this challenge. We led the way with open source projects like ScrapySmart Proxy Manager and our end-to-end data extraction services.

But we can do a lot more.

What is changing

Today, with the release of our Automatic Extraction, we’re taking a step closer to our vision of making web data open and accessible to all. 

As the name suggests, we’re replacing much of the time-consuming and mundane aspects with automation based on our own patented machine learning algorithms.

We also have a new user-interface that makes it easier than ever to get started with web data extraction and gives you instant access to news and product data, saving you time, resources and energy.

zyte platform

We’ll continue to improve the quality and coverage of our extraction, making it quicker and adding integrations, customizations and many additional settings for crawling.

Why rebrand

We wanted our brand to reflect who we are and where we’re going. We’re doing more than low-level web scraping, we’re focusing on web data and putting customers at the heart of what we do.

I couldn’t be more excited to share our new brand and product release with the world.