Marie Moynihan
3 Mins
August 29, 2019

The first-ever Web Data Extraction Summit!

The range of use cases for web data extraction is rapidly increasing and with it the necessary investment. Plus the number of websites continues to grow rapidly and is expected to exceed 2 billion by 2020.

Sourcing accurate reliable web data is becoming a focus for most forward-thinking companies to give them the advantage they need to compete. Most start with internal, home-grown systems but as their projects need to scale or get more complex they quickly realize they don't have the necessary expertise in-house and look to outsource. Finding the right partner is key.

Zyte has been helping companies get access to this data by turning websites into structured data for the last 10 year, and the Web Data Extraction Summit is aimed at bringing together the thought leaders and visionaries in the industry in a one-day event.

Presented by Zyte , the first Web Data Extraction Summit will be held in Dublin, Ireland on 17th September 2019. This is the first-ever event dedicated to web data and extraction and will be graced by over 100 CEOs, Founders, Data Scientists and Engineers.

This one-day event gives exclusive access to case studies and insights on how the world’s leading companies like Just-Eat, OLX, Revuze, and Eagle Alpha, leverage web data to stay a step ahead of the industry.

  • Product and pricing intelligence: Aggregation and monitoring for real estate, travel, retail, e-commerce and manufactures
  • Alternative finance data: Inform investment decisions with real-time market information
  • Competitive and market research: Understand your competitor's pricing and performance
  • Sales & marketing: Monitor ratings, lead generation, reviews, social media and sentiment analysis
  • News & content monitoring: Aggregation of news and information from across the web
  • Retail & distribution monitoring: Supply chain management for your brand

Hear about the trends and innovations in the industry from leaders like Shane Evans, founder and CEO of Zyte , Or Lenchner, CEO of Luminati, and Andrew Fogg, founder and Chief Data Officer of, along with other pioneers like David Schroh, Amanda Towler and Juan Riaza.


The stellar line up of speakers will share their expert knowledge on topics like building a scalable web scraping infrastructure, legal compliance and GDPR in the world of web scraping, and how machine learning can be used in web scraping, etc. With the range of topics covering everything from technical nitty-gritties to business know-how, at the Web Data Extraction Summit, there is something for everyone. Here is a sneak peek of one of the talks! You can view more previews here.

With a promising line-up of talks and discussions accompanied by interesting conversations and networking sessions with fellow data enthusiasts, followed by food and drinks at the magnificent Guinness Storehouse, there are no reasons to miss this event. What’s more, we are also giving out free swag! You will get your own Extract Summit T-shirts on the day!


Amidst so many data lovers all under one roof, it is going to be a day to remember. Don't miss this opportunity to meet other like-minded data lovers and be a part of the future of data extraction. Hurry up and grab a seat now! Use this special code for a 20% discount on the tickets!