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Comprehensive background checks for companies and individuals

Intelligo is using Zyte API with Extraction to extract news and article data from thousands of websites to feed their AI-powered background intelligence platform with the most accurate data available to provide comprehensive background checks for companies and individuals.

DISCLAIMER: Intelligo has various policies in place to ensure that its use of Zyte’s services is compliant with all applicable legal regulations, including but not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation. All customers must comply with all relevant laws when using Zyte’s services in this manner. We are not your lawyer and this does not constitute legal advice. If you want assistance with your specific situation then you should consult a lawyer.

Zyte API answers our challenges in the best way. We can get clean data with almost zero effort from our side.

Nadav Shkoori

Backend Developer at Intelligo


With the power to assess millions of data sources in minutes, Intelligo provides a full review of criminal, legal, regulatory, news media, social media, and other public record resources.

Intelligo is on a mission to democratize trust by giving businesses in the investment space advanced capabilities to run comprehensive background checks. The first of its kind, the automated SaaS platform leverages AI and machine learning to tackle the complexities that otherwise define the industry.

By combining the power of AI with the analytical insights of human specialists, Intelligo increases transparency by cutting away the information noise and delivers actionable data.

Intelligo’s platform, Clarity™, provides wide data coverage to improve the accuracy of background checks and offers timely and intelligible results for investors and corporations to make informed decisions. The proprietary technology sifts through millions of records, analyzing disparate data points and determining patterns, to produce comprehensive reports that are coupled with the human touch.

Intelligo's goals

Intelligo is set out to create a better background intelligence solution by leveraging the power of AI and Big Data. The goal is to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate background checks as a foundation for profound business decisions. 


While some services only scrape the surface of available information, Intelligo’s AI-powered information analysis brings more data in less time. Among many different sources the company leverages, one crucial part of the background checks are news and articles data.

“A background check is only as good as the sources it covers”, says Nadav Shkoori, Backend Developer at Intelligo. “We collect data from hundreds of thousands of websites. The data we collect is unstructured and we basically have URLs that we need to turn into data, so we can integrate it into our system, map it to our schemas and analyze it with our AI. This gets really time consuming.”

Getting web data at scale is a challenge for two reasons:

1. Getting access to the websites on a large scale without getting blocked and maintain it to be stable.
2. Integrating data that is unstructured and extract it into a structured schema.

Having their own skilled team of developers, Intelligo was looking for a solution that takes away part of their hassle and reduces the internal development time.


The Intelligo team has been working with Zyte already for a couple of years, notes Nadav Shkoori. “We have been using Scrapy since 2018 and it helps us a lot to build our own scrapers.”

To tackle the challenges of getting relevant news data on a large scale quickly and reliably, Intelligo has been using the Zyte API since December 2019. “We have compared it with some of the possible competitors and found it to be extracting data from websites others couldn’t, and in some cases extracting certain types of data such as subtitles and filing dates better than the other services we checked”, explains Idan Gera, VP Product at Intelligo.

Zyte API with Extraction helps to instantly access web data with the patented AI-powered extraction API. Onboarding new resources has never been easier and the data comes back quickly and in a structured format. It also takes away the hassle of developing and maintaining spiders.

The product keeps its promise of reducing development overhead, confirms Nadav Shkoori. “Zyte API with Extraction saves us a lot of time to get the most relevant news data as it’s easy to use and the data output is nicely structured which makes it easier for us to analyze the data.”

Results - web scraping at scale

Data extraction at scale1+
million articles/month
Development timeZero
code development and maintenance
Quality & Accessibility94%
success rate


For Intelligo, Zyte API is a great solution for both getting access to websites and getting the data in a structured way, so it can be conveniently analyzed.

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