RankTank: Crawling SERP data real-time with 99.8% success rate

SERP data for website optimization

Many online businesses' success depends on getting traffic from search engines. Being on the first page and at the top of the search results is key to getting relevant visitors to your website and growing your business online. However, nowadays it’s not easy to rank first for most of the keywords because the competition is huge. One of our Zyte Smart Proxy Manager customers, RankTank, helps marketers to better optimize their websites with free and paid SEO tools.

Now we can actually focus on improving our own service instead of worrying about getting the data.

Founder at RankTank


RankTank provides free and paid SEO tools for marketers, freelancers, small and large companies. They have a free keyword tool, rank checker and brand mention finder, among many others. RankTank serves more than 50000 users on its platform.


RankTank’s goal is to provide reliable SEO tools for individuals and businesses to help their SEO efforts. RankTank’s ability to serve its customers is highly dependent on crawling and getting real-time data from the web. RankTank collects data from search engine result pages (SERP) real time and then shows the information that the user has requested. Their most popular tools are the Keyword Rank Checker, the RankTank Google Sheet Add-on and Unlinked Brand Mention Finder. These tools are based on crawling accurate SERPs in real time.


In the initial years, RankTank was able to crawl the web without using any proxies. But then, things changed and they became unable to get the data they needed to serve users. That’s when RankTank developed a need for a reliable proxy solution that enables them to crawl at scale.

They tried many proxy providers in the market. But RankTank found that none of them satisfied their needs. Before starting to use Zyte Smart Proxy Manager, RankTank was struggling with slow response times and failing/banned proxies.

RankTank also tried to maintain an in-house proxy solution. But this wasn’t effective as they spent a ton of time just managing proxies, updating user-agents and dealing with other technical issues. With Zyte Smart Proxy Manager, they spend no time managing proxies anymore.

Results - web scraping at scale

Data extraction at scale1 +
million requests/day
Development time saved2 days
per month
Quality & Accessibility99.9%
success rate


With the help of Zyte Smart Proxy Manager, RankTank is able to tackle web scraping and proxy challenges to crawl search engine result pages and provide top-notch SEO tools.

Our smart proxy network made it possible to crawl the required websites. It helps RankTank make real-time requests with 99.9% success rate and a 1-5 second average response time, saving 240 development hours per month.

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