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zyte automatic data extraction

Zyte Rotating Proxies

Millions of proxies from across the world for efortless data gathering

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98%+ avg. success rate across all domains 
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Designed from the ground up to scale
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Pay only for succesful requests
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Automatic healthy IP selection & rotation
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14 -day free trial (up to 10K requests) - credit card required - additional requests: $49 per 100k
zyte smart proxy manager
We manage millions of proxies internally so you don't have to

Crawl quickly and reliably with 
Zyte Smart Proxy Manager (formerly Crawlera)

zyte automatic data extraction

Fully automated service

Enterprise grade proxy management logic, without the hassle of maintaining it.  We handle request throttling, automatic retires, cookie, header & session management.

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back by professionals

Simple implementation

Forget about proxy lists, use a single endpoint within your current framework. 

One (1) api key, one (1) gateway to the most advanced smart proxy service in the market with IPs in +50 countries.

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Market leading performance

Open-data at your fingertips. With +98% avg. success rate across all domains, open-data for all is now a reality.

In-built anti-ban management yet compliant web data extraction. Ethically sourced a and maintained IPs.

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Smart pricing

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes


per month
50K requests per month included
Additional requests at $10 per 10K
50 concurrent requests
per month
200K requests per month included
Additional requests at $49 per 100K
50 concurrent requests


per month
2.5M requests per month included
Additional requests at $149 per 1m
200 concurrent requests


per month
Custom amount of requests
Custom request concurrency
IP whitelisting
Dedicated account manager
Custom proxy locations
Custom crawling time-window
24/7 priority support
Personalized onboarding
Guaranteed capacity

All packages come with...

24/5 support
Automatic proxy rotation
Automatic retries
Automatic proxy optimization
Identify as web browser
Reporting and visualizations
Docs and knowledge base
Support and sessions support
Headless browser support
Cookie management
Configurable browser profiles
Non-obvious ban detection

Best results we could find

We tried every single proxy provider out there, including running our own proxies at a very large scale, but Zyte Smart Proxy Manager gives us the best results by far.

Jaco van Wyk - Founder of RankTank

Why choose Zyte Smart Proxy Manager

The power of open data at your fingertips

Highest success rates in the market

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Zyte’s rotating proxy network is built with a proprietary ban detection and request throttling algorithm and hundreds of heuristics, ensuring we achieve the highest and most consistent success rates in the market.

Succes rate

Built from the ground up to scale

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Built to scale with your project. From 100K to billions of requests per month, we help all business sizes collect mission-critical data.  

+11 Billion
succesful requests per month
zyte automatic data extraction

Pay for success

With our Smart Proxy Manager solution, you only pay for successful requests delivered. Forget about paying for underused IPs and engineer hours to monitor and rotate your proxies.

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Zyte Smart Proxy Manager

Battle tested

Built by developers, for developers. Zyte’s rotating proxy is used today by our 100+ web scraping developers to deliver accurate and reliable data to our Fortune 500 Managed Data customers with stringent SLAs.

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Zyte scrapy cloud and splash

Backed by professionals

Zyte Proxy Management is built specifically for web scraping developers and is supported by a team of web scraping professionals that speak your language and understand your pain points.

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Automatic healthy IP selection & rotation
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Extensive knowledge base
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User browser simulation
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Universal HTTP proxy interface
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Anti-ban management
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Residential IPs available
smart proxy manager by zyte
Simple Proxy API

We support the programming languages you already love and use

Smart Proxy Manager gives developers the flexibility to turn their ideas into reality and the support to scale them into production

With a simple back connecting API that integrates seamlessly into your workflow, we take the hassle of proxy management and free up valuable time. So you can focus on driving value out of web data..