Residential Proxies

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Automated Residential Proxy Management

The fastest website unblocker with the highest success rates and the most cost effective pricing model. Solve bans faster, stop juggling proxies.

Unblock any site with Zyte API

Residential Proxies, only when you need them

Zyte API automatically uses ethically sourced residential proxies to unblock complex and geo-restricted sites, but only when needed. Benefit from ethically sourced IPs and battle-tested solutions built on 14 years of industry leadership.

Residential Proxies

Zyte API automatically switches between residential and data center proxies for you based on site requirements, so you never overpay for tech you don't need.

Develop Faster

Spend less time tweaking configurations and battling bans. Zyte API handles bans with the right proxies for the job, freeing you to focus on high-value tasks.

Access via Proxy API or HTTP API

Zyte API can be accessed as either a Proxy API or an HTTP API for ease of switching and backwards compatibility with older products and scripts.

Automated proxy management

Residential proxies when you need them most

Residential proxies should be your method of last resort so when a website needs residential proxies to handle bans or access geo locations, Zyte API will automatically use them for you, but only if absolutely needed.

  • Ethically sourced for over a decade

  • Battle tested by our large dev team

  • By developers for developers

The leanest method for each site

Data center proxies for when you don't need Residential

When the cheapest request in your project can be 30x cheaper than the most expensive, per website pricing just makes sense. Zyte API automatically uses the right proxy type so you only ever pay for the tech you need.

Use one tool for it all and still get the best price.

Get started

Getting Started with Zyte API

Use this handy tutorial to get started with Zyte API in minutes.


Only pay for what you use

We know your projects are unique, we don’t force you into a “package”. Instead, we price Zyte API around you. Below we’ve shown some examples, based on extraction complexity.

Unrendered HTTP response - price per 1000 requests

Website TierWebsite DistributionTechnologyPAYG$100*$350*$1000*

Data centre proxies

Residential proxies


PAYG (Pay As You Go - up to $25/month)

*monthly commitment

Rendered browser requests - price per 1000 requests

Website TierWebsite DistributionTechnologyPAYG$100*$350*$1000*

Data centre proxies

Residential proxies


PAYG (Pay As You Go - up to $25/month)

*monthly commitment