Superpower your Smart Proxy Manager with new Headless Browser Libraries

How much time do you waste looking at an endless list of bans, or managing and rotating proxies for your web scraping projects?

The dynamic nature of the websites and the need to have a separate tool for headless browser capabilities add to the complexities.

On top of this, they don’t always integrate easily together.

There are days when you wish for one tool that does it all for you.

Seamless Integration

One powerful script with the capacity to:

  • Handle data nested in scripts 

  • Manage proxy rotation

  • Manage bans

  • Manage sessions

  • Increase cost savings in your project

  • Speed up page loads 

Well, here’s some good news for you.

Zyte just granted your wish with the launch of three Headless Browser Libraries to work seamlessly with Zyte Smart Proxy Manager.

Headless Browser Libraries

  • Zyte SmartProxy Puppeteer

  • Zyte SmartProxy Playwright

  • Zyte SmartProxy Selenium 

Using our libraries, you will no longer have to maintain a separate piece of software running in the background to help connect with Zyte Smart Proxy Manager.

Want to see how Zyte can power your business?