Applying the right planning strategy to power high-value web scraping

hero image of the webinar page Applying the right planning strategy to power value web scoping.

Learn how to apply the Web Scraping Maturity Model to your operation

As web scraping proves its value and moves from an experimental to standardized practice, web data extraction and data science roles are earning more visibility and resources.

This maturation also comes with more and more requests for building data feeds. When consistency is key, data teams can no longer make the same mistakes during the planning and design phases that were once tolerated during experimental times.

Now, mistakes during the planning stage present a greater risk to data quality and consistency, and knowing how to plan and communicate a strong web scraping business plan is essential.

But what are the standards that define a good web scraping project?

After 40+ interviews with industry experts, more than 13 years supporting Zyte customers and the large Scrapy base, we built the Web Scraping Maturity Model in order to measure any scraping operation around the four most relevant success-defining dimensions: Planning & Design, Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Scale & Maintenance.

We created a roadmap for success in web scraping, and we want to invite you to dive deeper into the first dimension - the Planning & Design, which relates to the initial decisions of a web scraping project, when the business case is built, and when the ones that will extract data must be in sync with the ones using it.

Join us as James Kehoe, author of the Maturity Model and Zyte Product Manager, and Neha Nagpal, Zyte Developer Advocate, take a deep dive into the Planning & Design pillar of the Web Scraping Maturity Model.

The technical webinar will help attendees glean insight from the model and take actionable steps to plan more effectively and achieve web scraping maturity.