How to eliminate setup and maintenance on your headless browser fleet for web scraping

May 23rd | 3 p.m. UTC | 11 a.m EDT

It's time to rethink how developers render content and perform browser actions for web scraping.

Headless browsers play an important role in many web scraping applications. They take screenshots and perform user-like actions to access content.

There are plenty of open-source options for small projects, easily integrated with the common web scraping stack. 

However, they can slow down the scaling of big projects. 

The open-source options are complex. Managing all the combinations necessary to successfully run the automation, hosting and proxy rotation often demands a team of full-time developers.

In this live webinar, we’ll present a new way of deploying headless browsers for web scraping using  Zyte API's fully hosted built-in solution.

Join Daniel Cave, Head of Product Marketing, and Fernando Tadao Ito, Technical Team Lead at Zyte, to learn:

  • Why the traditional and complex headless browser structure is slowing down web scraping developers.

  • When to choose the hosted alternatives instead of building your infrastructure.

  • How to start using Zyte API Headless Browser with your current spiders.

  • Engineer-to-engineer demos and Q&A.

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