How to use ChatGPT for your custom scraping task

Join us on an exploration of web data extraction, a less examined area in contrast to fields like text or image classification, or object detection.

In this workshop, Rakesh and Cristian demystify the process of transforming web data extraction into an easily manageable machine learning problem using ChatGPT and guide participants in comprehending complex model development and the modern strategies involved, including transformer-based architectures.

This workshop covers the following:  

  • Navigate the transition of web data extraction into a machine learning task.

  • Analyze the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT for data extraction tasks.

  • Understand the evolution of complex models from simple concepts.

  • Explore contemporary approaches, with a focus on transformer-based architectures.

For any follow-up questions after watching the webinar, join us on Discord and engage directly with Rakesh and Cristian.