Marie Moynihan
2 Mins
May 18, 2021

Extract Summit 2021 - come join the web data revolution

*For information on 2022 Extract Summit visit this link*

We are delighted to announce that Extract Summit 2021 will be a virtual event again in 2021 brought to you by Zyte . We had to make a quick decision last year and turn the event into a virtual one - the good news was it allowed so many of our community to join us from all over the world. We had 3,000 web data extraction experts sign up. 

We loved that so many more of you could join us so this year we want to create an online experience that will allow the community to interact and network more.

Web data extraction needs are changing and organizations have never been more reliant on data as the differentiator that fuels innovation and business growth. As the web gets bigger and more complex, it’s a challenge for developers to keep pace with changed pages that break spiders, or legitimate extraction efforts that get banned, blocked, or blacklisted by overzealous bots.

We hope to address some of these challenges at Extract Summit and get data enthusiasts all over the world to network and learn from each other.

If you have a great topic you would like covered, our call for proposal is until the end of June.

If you missed the event in 2020 you can still take a look at the recordings - I’ve highlighted some of my favorite sessions from the day

Panel discussion on Legal Compliance in the world of web scraping hosted by Sanaea Daruwalla - Head of Legal at Zyte and Panelists: Sarah McKenna - CEO of SequentuM, Marc Zwillinger - Founder of ZwillGen PLLC and Paul Griffin - CEO of First Compliance. Great discussion and guidance on web scraping compliance and updates in the legal landscape.

Amanda Towler also gave us an update on the work on the TellFinder Alliance: Tackling Online Exploitation with Data, fascinating to see the use of data and the impact it has on solving these crimes. 

Another great panel discussion on Cutting Edge Ways To Tackle Antibot Challenges: Antibots introduce a big and important challenge to solve for anyone who wants to scrape the web at scale. If you don’t have a reliable way to solve these challenges created by antibots, you will not be able to access any data. In this session, the panel of antibot experts at Zyte discussed how to dissect this problem and look at possible solutions.

Mikhail Krobov took us on a whirlwind journey on top tips and tricks for super users of Scrapy

We are really excited by some of the speakers on board this year and expect a stellar line-up. Don’t miss out, submit a talk now or register and join thousands of data lovers as we explore all things web scraping and data extraction.

Oh, and did we mention it's completely free!  Come join the data revolution