Brand monitoring with web data extraction

Brand monitoring

Monitoring your brand online requires a great deal of real-time data, and data extraction provides this with a guaranteed level of speed, reliability, and accuracy.

Build data trends with variables that impact your brand’s reputation - pricing, search keywords, sentiment, reviews, geo differences, product placement.

Up-to-date price monitoring

Keep an eye on your products by tracking prices on SKU, categories, and keyword levels.

Zyte Data can help you manage prices across multiple marketplaces, platforms, and e-commerce stores more efficiently to ensure your products are positioned correctly.

Focus on brand growth

Monitoring your brand is essential to protect its reputation online. However when scaling your web scraping needs, layouts change, web spiders break and managing proxies internally can all be time-consuming

Let our experts keep your data pipeline healthy and give you the time to focus on growing and protecting your brand.

Why us

Data knowledge, expertise, quality, and compliance

Robust web scraping solutions for brand monitoring

Incorporating insightful data streams into your workflows makes sure your brand is always protected. Our experts take unstructured web data on how your products are positioned, how they are priced online and deliver it in a structured format that you can feed into your brand monitoring system.

We are obsessed with data and with over 10 years experience and 100+ developers who know how to get the web data you need. Our solution can scale as you grow. We can match your internal SLAs, plus provide a dedicated project manager and team, who will work in an agile approach giving you the flexibility and reliability you need in a data partner.

Navigating compliance for web scraped data

Staying compliant is more important than ever in today’s data-driven world. Knowing the types of data you can extract for your brand monitoring projects is important. Our legal team are considered the industry experts on regulatory compliance across GDPR and data protection laws for web scraped data.

With every project we work on our legal team evaluates the compliance risks associated and advises our data delivery teams on compliance.

Keeping your data pipeline healthy

The web is a jungle and you need a healthy data pipeline for your brand monitroing projects. Without proper web scraping expertise, it’s hard to ensure high data quality.

Our Data Quality Assurance process reviews all your data to help identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies or other abnormalities including manual, semi-automated and automated testing. You can watch our awesome webinar on the quality of our data.

Web data, anyway you want it. Delivery in various formats.

You decide how you want the data delivered - whether it's a once-off project or you need it ongoing. We offer many delivery types and formats such as FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Email, Dropbox and Google Drive plus formats such as CSV, JSON, JSONLines or XML.

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Feel like we struck gold with Zyte’s News Data API. Zyte  has provided us with over 10 million articles for our technology to process. The data is there, constant and reliable. Collaboration with Zyte has been easy and support was always there throughout our journey.

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Your Data Extraction Partner

We probably already extract data from your websites and can offer the data you need in a standardized schema that will make your life easier and save you time and money. Our web scraping team of experts can provide services to suit any size of business, from twinkly startups to Fortune 100’s.

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The ultimate web scraping API, designed to automatically avoid bans in the most cost-effective way possible saving you time and money at every stage of your project.