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Hotel Data Scraping

What can you use web scraped Hotel data for?

Hotel data extraction can be extremely useful if you want to monitor hotel prices or keep an eye on hotel ratings. Extract hotel web data including room prices, availability, reviews, and much more at scale to unlock so many growth opportunities like brand management and sentiment analysis, hotel price comparison and so much more.

How to scrape hotel data using Zyte

With Zyte data extraction services, get clean, valuable hotel web data such as room prices, ratings, locations, and more. You tell us where it is online and our team of experts gets you the data, exactly how you want it. That's it! You get accurate data quickly and without the technical hassle.

With a high-quality hotel data feed, you can get access to structured hotel data from one or multiple booking websites across the web, so you can scale your project.

Zyte Data Services supports a comprehensive list of metadata types and we have a QA process perfected for 10+ years to deliver high-quality hotel data.

Hotel data scraper information categories

  • Location
  • Price/rates
  • Phone number
  • Images
  • Room type
  • Ratings
  • Availability
  • Reviews
  • Amenities
  • Room features
  • Hotel address
  • Occupancy
  • Maps
  • Other custom fields upon request

Hotel data extraction example output

    "available": "Yes",
    "ix": 2,
    "total_price": "R$4,052.40",
    "room_name": "Bangalô Família",
    "url": "https://www.example.com/hotel/",
    "hotel id": "1248756",
    "facilities_others": "Produtos de higiene pessoal gratuitos, Chuveiro, Vaso sanitário, Secador de cabelo, Canais a cabo, Serviço de despertar",
    "meal_plan": "Inclui buffet de café da manhã",
    "bed": "1 cama de casal extragrande",
    "cancelation_policy": "Por favor, observe que se você cancelar, alterar ou não comparecer, será cobrado o valor total da reserva.",
    "facilities": "40 m², Ar-condicionado, Varanda térrea, Banheiro privativo, TV de tela plana, Frigobar, Produtos de higiene pessoal gratuitos, Chuveiro, Vaso sanitário, Secador de cabelo, Canais a cabo, Serviço de despertar",
    "zarpo name": "Angá Beach Hotel",
    "max_occupancy": "3",
    "hotel name": "Anga Hotel",
    "extraction_time": "2020-02-14T22:55:39.043754",
    "prepayment_policy": "Um pré-pagamento do preço total será cobrado a qualquer momento.",
    "price details": "Family Bungalow : R$3,508.57\n5 % VAT : R$175.43\n10 % Property service charge : R$368.40\n",
    "checkout": "12-04-2020",
    "checkin": "07-08-2020"

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