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Social Media Data Extraction Service

Complete social media web scraping services. Just tell us which social media platform you need data from and let us take care of the rest.

Data when and where you need it.
Complete web scraping services for multiple social media platforms.
Options to suit any web scraping requirements
Fully managed Data as a Service
Access structured social media data at scale
First-rate quality assurance methodology
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Extract Social Media Data

Data Types

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Followers
  • Posts
  • and more...

Get social media web data at scale

Empower market research. Build trend analysis with keyword data and sentiment analysis. Monitor your brand online through social media data with a guaranteed level of speed, reliability, and accuracy.

Social media is data at scale. We have the expertise, infrastructure, tools, and understand the legal compliance associated with gathering social media web data at scale.

Data when you need it

Pricing to suit any data extraction project

Data Subscription

per month
Data - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
Proven quality assurance methodology
Standardized data schemas
Data coverage guaranteed
Sample data sets available through our process
Monitoring and maintenance of all data
A range of output formats & cloud delivery locations
Dedicated team & support centre
per month
Bespoke data requirements
Free project assessment
Dedicated team - end to end partnership
Legal & GDPR compliance review
Multi-skilled teams
Project managers, python developers, data scientists
Proven quality assurance methodology
Solutions that scale with you
Enterprise service-level agreements
Why us?

Data knowledge, quality, & legal compliance

Expertise in web data:
industry experience
Fully scalable tech & team:
pages per month
Open source at roots:
Day Scrapy team
Legal compliance:
dedicated legal pros
First rate QA methodology:
cleaner data daily
Excellent online support:
support team

Build data pipelines with confidence

Feel like we struck gold with Zyte’s News Data API. Zyte has provided us with over 10 million articles for our technology to process. The data is there, constant and reliable. Collaboration with Zyte has been easy and support was always there throughout our journey.

Ru Hickson - Data Engineer at Kinzen